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Darin Feinstein is a business mogul and the Founder and Chairman of Core Scientific, the largest blockchain infrastructure in the world. He also founded Blockcap, a large independent digital asset mining operator. In 2021, he helped the two companies merge under the name Core Scientific. Alongside Eddie Griffin, Feinstein founded Feinstein & Griffin Foundation to help expand college education opportunities to children and adults while providing a wide variety of tools and resources to help them navigate their educational journey and understand all of the opportunities available to them after completing their secondary degrees. 

Education has played an important part in Feinstein’s life. Before making Las Vegas, Nevada, his home, Feinstein attended the University of Arizona and graduated in 1995. From there, he pursued further educational opportunities, earning his law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1998.

While he practiced law in, Los Angeles for many years, his ambitions led him into the business world. Currently, Feinstein owns and operates a portfolio of business ventures in a wide variety of industries, including technology, finance, investment banking, and food and beverage. Aside from his Bitcoin and digital-asset-focused successes like Core Scientific and Blockcap, Inc., some of his ventures include Red Mercury Entertainment, Fatburger, El Dorado Cantina, and Black Star Investments LLC. Feinstein also sat as a board member at Core Scientific Inc. and Southwestern University School of Law.

Additional Philanthropic Endeavors

While Feinstein may be the charitable founder of Feinstein & Griffin Foundation, his philanthropic endeavors extend beyond the foundation. Since 2013, Feinstein has been enthusiastically supporting The Shade Tree Organization, an organization near and dear to his heart. Throughout the years, he has been leveraging his skills and assets to provide monetary donations, as well as food and entertainment, for women and children in the shelter. Furthermore, to ensure no woman or child is without cheer during holidays, Feinstein without fail organizes holiday parties for those working and living at the Shade Tree. 

His warmth and generosity have also prompted Feinstein to make substantial donations to numerous other charities throughout the years, including The Meadows School, Vegas Hospitals, All-Stars Kids, and the National Association of Black Journalists, just to name a few. 

To learn more about the Feinstein & Griffin Foundation founder and philanthropist Darin Feinstein, follow his Twitter, or check out Facebook for recent events.

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