Eddie Griffin, Darin Feinstein, and supporters pose with a check for The Shade Tree.

We’re fueled by a core belief: providing equal education opportunities to underprivileged communities.

The Feinstein & Griffin Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing diverse educational and learning needs through a grassroots approach. It also provides other educational services and support, skill sets, and opportunities that help make learning more effective and more accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Leadership Team

People will always be our greatest asset at Feinstein & Griffin Foundation. With the passion, dedication, and experience of our Leadership Team, we’ve got what it takes to prepare every child to succeed.

Eddie Griffin


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The Feinstein & Griffin Foundation is only able to make such a strong and successful impact through the support of our volunteers, community partners, and donors. Whether you can donate your time or provide other valuable resources, we are grateful for your contribution and your desire to help our future generations succeed!

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